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All these forms.
by: FALDP Staff

Hi there,
That's why we're here. There's no way to know whether you need all those forms or not until more is known about your situation. I don't even know what exact forms you're dealing with. Some of the forms in the packet very likely just do not apply to your situation, and are included, just in case you need them. For example, sometimes, once in a while, an Affidavit of Corroborating Witness is necessary, but it is included in many of the packets and never used. That particular form is used when the petitioner cannot prove that he/she is a Florida resident, and needs someone else to attest to it.

Also, the Notice of Related Cases is not always used, but it might be needed. In some circuits, that form can be ignored if there are no related cases. In other circuits that form must be filed, even if there aren't any related cases.

Our document preparers are here to help. Contact the member who responded in the previous comment, or browse our Member Directory.

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