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Sarasota, day or night, always something to do, always something to see. A world of its own -- a world apart. If you long for the complex sounds of acoustic jazz, it's here. Downtown, along the boulevard, and down the side streets, the sounds of jazz and rock fill the air, enticing you to hear more. If you seek to behold the grandeur of historic architecture, it's here. Mediterranean revival, art deco, and mid-century buildings promote an ambiance of character throughout the downtown. Venice. a small city in south Sarasota County, was one of America's first planned communities. 

Bright Resolutions, LLC

Bright Resolutions, LLC is your premier legal document preparation service in the Tampa Bay Area. Specializing in Family Law and criminal Justice forms preparation, we offer quality document preparation services without breaking your wallet. Notarial Services are included with every document preparation service purchased and are available separately for a nominal fee. No matter what your needs, Bright Resolutions, LLC can provide you with the tools you need to represent yourself. Call us today to get started!! We offer in-person and online services!!


  • Acknowledgements, Jurats, Copy Certifications, Loan documents (HELOCS, Refinancing, Buyers/sellers packages.
  • Notary Services are also available via remote online connection


Simplified Divorce, Divorce with No Children or Property, Divorce with Children and/or Property, Adult name Change, Minor Name Change, Paternity Establishment / or de-establish, Modification of existing family law order, Affidavits, Powers. Of Attorneys, Document Review, Guardianship / Dependency, Contempt – Family Law, Family Law Motions, Petition to domesticate an out of state order and enforce support, Response to family law case, Temporary or Concurrent Custody by an Extended Family Member


  • Early Termination of Probation
  • Modification of Probation
  • Expunge or Seal Criminal Records
  • Restoration of Civil Rights

If you don't see a form you need call us and let us know!! Documents prepared and returned between 5-7 business days.

TheBrightResolution@gmail.com !  - 813.419.3171 ~ Website Coming Soon!!!

EGA Solutions of Florida

EGA Solutions of Florida, LLC is a full service company. We are a veteran and blue star family owned business.

We offer the following services:


 - Family Law

  • - Divorce
  • - Initial Petition
  • - Answer
  • - Parenting Plan
  • - QDRO
  • - Martial Settlement Agreement
  • - Modification
  • - Child Support
  • - Parenting Plan
  • - Spousal Support
  • - Contempt
  • - Family Adoption
  • - Name Change
  • - Paternity
  • - Initial Petition
  • - Answer
  • - Disestablishment
  • - Petition to Contest Driver's License suspension for unpaid support
  • - Petition to relocate minor child
  • - Petition to supersede child support with or without time sharing
  • - Motions
  • - Civil Claims

- Estate planning

  • - Family
  • - Special needs
  • - NFA trust
  • - Individual

- Nuptial agreements

  • - Prenuptial
  • - Cohabitation/Post Nuptial

- Probate

  • - Summary Administration

  - Business solutions

  • - Registered Agent
  • - Business documents
  • - Business establishment
  • - Corporate Compliance
  • - Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

- Notary

  • - Remote Online Notary
  • - Mobile Notary

- E-filing

  • - E-recording for deeds, affidavits, wills and other documents necessary to record

- Service of Process

  • - Throughout the United States
  • - In 75 countries globally

- Court Document retrieval

  • - Throughout the United States

- Messenger and Document Delivery

  • - Throughout the United States

- Skip Trace

  • - Skip Trace
  • - Certified Diligent Search acceptable in every court in the United States

You can contact us through the following methods:

  • Toll Free - 888-7We-Solv ~ 888-793-7653
  • Direct Office line - 941-212-8744
  • website: www.EGASOlutionsFl.com
  • email: NikolDeriso@egasolutionsfl.com

CLICK HERE to learn more about EGA Solutions of Florida

Storefront Secretary, LLC

I'm not done yet! At the age of 72, I've decided to re-create a business from my youth, some 50 years ago. An empty storefront in a bustling shopping center, just 3 minutes from where I live, spoke to me. Seeing it took me back to the early 1970's when the original "Storefront Secretary" was created. Back then, I typed papers for my classmates and friends on one of those electric typewriters with those funny little balls with interchangeable fonts. From then until now, I've had a career as a National Board Certified Teacher, teaching primarily government and law in Sarasota County, have been a legal secretary, paralegal, legal researcher, and a community volunteer (Junior League member since 1977), most recently, a Guardian ad Litem -- once again being drawn to the law and to the courts. I attended University of Louisville School of Law for one year but dropped out after that first year as my daughters were 1 and 3 at the time. When it came to studying or taking them to the park, guess which choice won? Little wonder, however, that I've combined my legal experiences and my typing expertise to offer services as a legal document preparer. Following are "some" of the services I offer:

  • Notary Public
  • Wills and Revocable Trusts
  • Divorces
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support Adjustments
  • Alimony Adjustments
  • Step-parent adoptions
  • Paternity Determinations
  • Name Changes
  • Landlord/Tenant Paperwork
  • Incorporations
  • Misc. typing (letters, manuscripts, etc.)
  • ...and more!

I have a beautiful "Wedding Wall" where I can officiate at your special occasion and a little table and chairs where visiting children can color while they wait for their caregivers to finish meeting with me. As a new business, I am hosting monthly FREE "Second Saturday Seminars" on a host of topics so people can get to know me, my business and better understand the law I'm teaching them. Located at 4949 E. State Road 64, Bradenton, FL 34208, I'm just about two miles west of I-75. You may reach me by phone: 941-405-4067 or email: storefrontsecretary2020@gmail.com or check out my webpage: storefrontsecretary.com (admittedly, a work in progress). My turn-around time is less than 5 business days and my prices are middle-of-the-road. I'm open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm and open Sundays, Mondays and evenings, by appointment.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you and to preparing the legal documents you need at this time in your life. Even if you don't need anything right now, please stop in, say hi, look around, and pick up a business card. I'm not going anywhere soon!   

Virtual Providers

Some of our member document preparers have identified themselves as virtual providers. This means that their business model allows them to serve consumers online and over the phone, offering document preparation services throughout the state. Specific services will vary, please read their listings carefully and contact the member who lists the services that you need. Please make an informed decision when choosing a legal document preparer.

Virtual services apply to the entire state except for family law documents in Miami-Dade. Many consumers seek assistance with family law documents and many document preparers offer that service. However, Miami-Dade requires pro se litigants to use local family law forms that must be purchased directly from the clerk of court. It is a difficult and cumbersome process to virtually assist consumers in Miami-Dade; and for that reason we exclude that county from virtual services. If you need family law document preparation assistance for Miami-Dade, please contact a member who is local to that area.

Bright Resolutions, LLC

We are a women-owned and operated business based out of Hillsborough County offering mobile services throughout all of Florida and virtual services nationwide. Call or email us today to discuss your needs!!! Specializing in:

  • Family Law
  • Criminal
  • County & Circuit Civil
  • We also provide Mobile / Remote online Notary services 24 hours a day!


Lady Doc Legal

 Legal Doc Preparation & Credit Repair/ Restoration; Certified Signing Agent   LLC  formation, Notary, Divorces, Small Claims, Child Support,  Alimony, Family Adoptions, Real Estate closings & more

  Call us for  more details. 1-888-877-9096


Preparing Legal Docs You Can Afford

 I understand from personal experience the stress, financial burden, uncertainty, and pain divorce can have on families. Need divorce documents for court? We are here to listen and help with the preparation of legal Documents for less. We are here to listen and help with the preparation of legal Documents for less.

Scheduled by Appointment ~ Located in Fort Myers, FL 33916 

Contact: Angela Dawson- Legal Document Preparer



Email: Annagirl005@gmail.com

We are not attorneys,and do not provide legal advice.

CLA Document Preparation Services

CLA Legal Document Service prepares necessary documents for people who want to represent themselves in their divorce, whether it includes children or not. We are also able to do Wills, Living Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Immigration forms, Bankruptcy, etc.

Connie Allis ~ 407-488-0197


Virtual Provider badge

www.clalegaldocuments.com ~ connieallis@clalegaldocuments.com

EGA Solutions of Florida

We are a Marine Veteran and Four Blue Star parents - three boys serving and one son in law - team. 

  • Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Small Claims/Civil
  • Family Adoption
  • Name Change


Nikol De Riso ~ 941-304-7228 ~ NikolDeRiso@EGASolutionsfl.com

Legal Document Preparation Pros of Florida

Legal Document Preparation Pros of Florida prepares documents for bankruptcy, circuit civil, county civil, & small claims. Based in Hillsborough County, serving virtually throughout the state.

Kenneth B. Rodman ~ 813-777-8124


For the People of Florida

We prepare documents for Family Law, Summary Administration of Estate, Early Termination of Probation, Divorces, Family Adoption, Child Support & Visitation Modifications.

CLICK HERE to learn more about "For the People of Florida

We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.

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