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This is the page where members upload their information for the Member Directory. Please take a look at the type of information other members have posted. This is an advertisement for your business and the most common way for members to receive work through this site. Members receive work through our site in three ways:

  1. Consumers browse our Member Directory to find a document preparer who offers they type of service they seek.
  2. Consumers call the 800# requesting a referral to a member document preparer.
  3. Consumers send a message through one of the many contact forms on this site, and we match them with a document preparer offering the services they seek.

Submission Guidelines

  • Keep it short and sweet - around 300-400 words.
  • We like bulleted lists of services.
  • Include your contact information and name.
  • Include your domain name if you have one.
  • Save more in-depth information and graphics for your mini-page.
  • If you need to make a change; please indicate that it is a correction or revision and upload your change the same way as your original submission.
  • NO HTML please
  • FALDP reserves the right to edit your content if necessary. We edit as little as possible to ensure that your post sounds like you. If you did not include your contact information when you uploaded your information we will add your email address and/ or phone number, using the information we have on file. We will delete information advertising your paralegal services. This site is for document preparers NOT paralegals. We correct spelling errors. We delete or edit written content that may sound like you may be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to follow the UPL rules to the best of your ability. FALDP will not be held responsible for any information that a member uploads to this site, including verification of facts, and language that may imply that a member may be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. 

FALDP Member Listings Submission Form

Enter your company's details with contact information. Please try to follow the existing entries as examples of how your entry should look.

We reserve the right to edit your submission so that it fits with existing format and feel; and we also may edit your submission to avoid the appearance of engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

Legal Document Preparers Directory

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