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DCF took my son and I haven't seen him in almost a month
by: Anonymous

DCF came to my house on false allegations and took my son. They wouldn't allow me to leave and for my son to stay with my parents. They just took him. I've been to court twice now and both petitions I received have been full of lies that are easy to prove. They made absurd accusations about my family after the fact and have been taking forever placing my son with my family. They've done more damage now than I ever could've done to my son. We're going to be suing the DCF worker who took my son and wrote the false report and the person who called on me in the first place. It's been almost a month and I have't seen or heard my son, I don't even know if he's alive at this point.

An employee purposely kept changing my information
by: Anonymous

I didn't get benefits for over 6 months. Now, they want to settle quietly. And are trying to intimidate my witnesses. Anyone ever made it through this?

DCF needs to pay for this
by: Anonymous

I'm in the middle of a case where my husband and I lost both kids due to hearsay and false accusations by my evil mom who ironically has my kids. We were the happiest family and my mom continues to call them daily to get us in trouble and her behavior is to the point of harassment. DCF should not believe a crazy person over amazing parents and our lives will never be the same. I even lost my job due to the defamation. Kicked out of leading girl scout troop with my daughter and my husband hasn't been allowed to coach her softball team anymore. I 100% plan to sue DCF and my mother when this is over.

False reports
by: Anonymous

DCF removed my children due to a false report. The initial investigator knew the report was false but was upset because I wouldn't speak with her because I'm aware of how they twist words. 3Hours later she was back with local law enforcement to remove my kids without a care in the world of how my children were crying, screaming and pleading. I have never in my life seen so many false reports and calibration with corruption in my entire life. This has sincerely been a heartbreaking, mental experience. My kids are now back home 2 months later after being mentally tore down for the rest of their lives. I really need help seeking justice.

DCF, CPS, and the Guardian ad Litem are Corrupt to the core. The entire case that they have "built" against my son is a fraud and nothing more.
by: Saundra

Every single court date is nothing more than FALSIFIED Court Documents and lies. Even the Judge's are involved in the destruction of families and the Trafficking of this community's Children. I have come across as many as 12 DCF case files. In studying them I have proof here of a definitive pattern of Corruption and Criminality within the 13th Judicial Circuit Court,DCF CPS and the Guardian ad Litem program. These people need to go to prison for their Crimes against children

DCF doesn't have immunity
by: Anonymous

DCF contracts private companies to manage the dependency cases , etc. Once the investigation report is finished, it gets handed to them. It is FL state law and Federal Law that those workers have no immunity.

I want to sue also
by: Anonymous

They have lied and kept documents and pushed court dates back even when I have done all the right things and never messed up again. I have to get my kids back by a certain date and I am afraid I will loose them due to a "clerical error".

i am in with a class A lawsuit and have proof
by: KC

I am at the appeal stage in getting my child back. The case worker and the therapist have done irreversible damage to my child and its killing me inside. My attorney did abosolutely nothing but work for the department. they think lower class people cannot love and raise their children adequately.

I'm going after DCF
by: Theresa

I am actively pursuing DCF, I have personally built a very solid case against them for falsifying official and legal documents, libel, defrauding federal and state government funding, manipulating the judicial system, child endangerment, sabatoging and ignoring judicial orders, mismanagement of funding.

I have the rock solid proof, and the money. I aim to put together a class action lawsuit.

Don't give up, my friend!
by: Anonymous

If more people stand up for what is right and don't back down because it "takes too long" (I know it's frustrating) but we are fighting for our rights and our families! No amount of money can replace that! Don't give up!

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